COSI: “Life Should Be Delicious”

A Review from a Fellow Ram

I’m a sucker for a good salad. Give me a bowl of greens with some chicken, craisins and vegetables, and I’m satisfied. So, when I heard that Fordham was feeding into my obsession by adding a new salad spot on campus in Campbell Hall, I was one of the first in line to give it a go. Introducing the newest kid on campus, Cosi.

Photo Courtesy of The Ram


My brother came to visit for homecoming weekend. He’s a sophomore at Binghamton University (located way upstate NY). I took him to Cosi for a quick bite, and the first words out of his mouth as soon as he stepped inside were, “They have an actual brick oven? I’m definitely not at Binghamton anymore.”

Brick oven aside, Cosi resembles a trendy NYC cafe. With long wooden tables (no plastic to be found), electronically-powered menus, dim hanging lights and a case filled with homemade mojito lemonades and raspberry iced teas, you’ll find yourself strangely satisfied with where your tuition money is going.

RamRating: 9/10

+ A cozi (ha!) atmosphere and good music.

– Not very study-friendly; more of a place to socialize than to bring work to.


There’s usually a line, especially during lunchtime at around 1pm. However, the wait isn’t too long and the staff is organized. Once you place your order with the cashier, you’re given a number and moved along the assembly line. At that point you can either watch your food being made or take a seat and wait for your meal to be brought to you. Yes, you read right: Cosi employees will bring your food right to your table.

RamRating: 9/10

+ Friendly staff, clean food-prep environment.

– Staff is sometimes overwhelmed by crowds, resulting in slowed service.


I’m gluten-free, so Cosi sandwiches and pizzas are off-limits for me. Aside from salad, the menu consists of personal pizzas (my brother said they ‘weren’t bad’), sandwiches and heros, and soups.


I’ve had the signature and Cobb salads. Both are really tasty and have a bold combination of sweet and salty that comes from the dried fruit and roasted nuts. The tangy vinaigrette and dijon dressings are the perfect finish.

photo 1

RamRating: 8/10

+ Tons of healthy options; lots of variety; satisfying portions.

– Too much dressing; steep prices for an on-campus eatery (8+ per salad).




Mojito Lemonade: So good, refreshing and minty… until I checked its nutrition information. The calorie count for 16oz isn’t too surprising at 230 calories per serving. However, it does have a whopping 58 grams of sugar. Even if only as an occasional treat, it’s definitely worth a taste.

Iced Tea: Garnished with a few sweet lemon slices, this is your average unsweetened iced tea. I personally enjoy unsweetened iced tea, but for those of you used to drinking Arizona, you may want to throw in a few spoonfuls of sugar or just skip it altogether.

Coffee: I grabbed a coffee one morning before catching the train, and I’m so glad I did because it was delicious. The next day I got it iced, and I was disappointed; it was way too strong, and I put SO much milk into it to try and dilute the taste. Unless you love bold coffee, stick with the hot brew.



+ Many different flavor options; average prices.

– Unhealthy sugar content; not-so-great iced coffee.


Cosi is a great addition to the Fordham community, and is a must-try for all those who are looking for a good time. Or a good salad.

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