Exploring Fordham’s Louis Calder Center


Everybody knows Fordham has campuses up at Rose Hill and down at Lincoln Center. What most students don’t know, however, is that Fordham also owns two additional properties up in Westchester county: Westchester campus and the Louis Calder Center. Founded in 1967, the Calder Center serves as a research center for many graduate (as well as a few undergraduate) Fordham students. The property, which can be reached by a 45 minute Ram Van ride, is a beautiful but often unexplored haven located not too far from the equally impressive Kensico Dam. Although the Calder Center isn’t (strictly speaking) open to outsiders, the area’s natural beauty makes it one of my favorite places to visit. Check it out!


Calder’s secondary entrance. Established in 1967, this biological field station is comprised of 113 forested acres and a 10 acre lake.



Calder Hall: a 12,000 square foot, 27 room stone mansion. Built by the Calder family in the early 1900s, the building houses a library and a herbarium, and laboratory space.




Calder Hall’s greenhouse. Two more greenhouses can be found down by the property’s main lodge.



One example of Calder’s plant life, pictured here atop a hill in front of Calder Hall. Calder Lake can be seen in the background.



A small gazebo sits on top of a hill beside Calder Hall. Deer can sometimes be seen frolicking in this area.



Calder’s lakeside lodge, which serves as the main administrative office and mailroom.



Calder Lake, in all it’s fresh water glory. The bottom of the lake is more than half covered by a submersed macrophyte (underwater plant) community, which serves as a habitat and source of food for fish and other small creatures.



A derelict cabin next to the lakeside lodge. Signage warns visitors to be mindful of ongoing experiments nearby.



The old ice house, a stone structure that was once used to house, you guessed it, ice.



Calder’s ice house, pictured here from behind, is protected by a series of thorny bushes and twigs.



The ice house attic.



Another one of the property’s ramshackle buildings, located near the main entrance, near a small parking lot.



Another dilapidated building near the property’s main entrance. Although Calder Center suffered significant damage last year thanks to Hurricane Sandy, this structure survived.



Nature has begun to reclaim what was once a fairly large, well built cabin.


Same cabin from behind.



Yet another old structure on the property. Ram Vans pick up passengers in an unseen parking lot to the right.



Old building or pagan shrine? You decide.



Calder Center at night. Despite only being 25 miles north of Rose Hill, the night sky is completely unaffected by the city’s light pollution.



A quick twenty minute walk down the road from Calder Center brings you to the small town of North Castle, New York, which offers a handful of clothing boutiques and eateries.



There’s even a town park!



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