Fordham Five: Clubs Away from your Home Campus

The August 2013 Club Fair. Photo courtesy

The August 2013 Club Fair. Photo courtesy

People make all kinds of excuses not to venture from one campus or the other: Rose Hill kids might be insufferable bros, Lincoln Center might be full of ironically snobby hipsters, the Ram Van might be too expensive. But at the end of the day, or the beginning of the semester, there’s no reason not to check out clubs at the campus where you don’t live. Fordham boasts over 90 clubs at Rose Hill, and dozens more at Lincoln Center to cater to everyone’s interests. Why not hop on that Ram Van and make some new friends? Here are the best clubs for students at both campuses:

1. Literature Clubs

For those sensitive souls, Fordham offers The Ampersand at Rose Hill and The Poetry Collective at Lincoln Center. The Ampersand, which calls Rodrigue’s home, often hosts Open Mic nights, in addition to publishing a full-fledged literary magazine each semester. The Poetry Collective, a new LC club that describes itself as, “like Dead Poets’ Society but sexier,” is a freshmen-only club that meets for several hours a week to write, workshop, and perform original pieces of poetry.

2. Global Outreach

Global Outreach, or GO!, as it is known colloquially at both campuses, is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Fordham organizations. GO!, which sends students on over 30 service or cultural immersion projects each year, can be a great opportunity to explore other communities as well as create lasting friendships within Fordham. Many projects are available at one campus or the other. With summer project applications due at the beginning of the semester, consider applying to one of the two most popular projects, GO! Navajo at Rose Hill, or GO! West at Lincoln Center.

Members of the GO! Navajo 2013 team with other college students at Canyon de Chelly, AZ. Photo courtesy Emily Pandise.

Members of the GO! Navajo 2013 team with other volunteers at Canyon de Chelly, AZ. Photo courtesy Emily Pandise.


3. Service and Social Awareness Clubs

At LC, The Rainbow Alliance, for LGBTQ students and allies, frequently raises awareness for AIDS, and has started the tradition of hosting “Queer Prom,” with its second annual just a few weeks ago. For socially aware students at Rose Hill, Students for Fair Trade is a great opportunity to combine raising awareness and learning business skills–this club partners with Gabelli to sell locally-made Amani products at both campuses.

4. Performing Arts Clubs

At Rose Hill, the performing arts community is lively with comedy troupes, plays, singing groups, and dance groups all year round, and Lincoln Center’s proximity to Broadway makes it an easy place to take performance-loving friends. Two clubs to look out for are Fordham Experimental Theatre at Rose Hill, and Splinter Group at Lincoln Center.

The promotional poster for the Splinter Group's latest performance, Rated RSO. Photo courtesy Tiia Fischer.

The promotional poster for Splinter Group’s latest performance, Rated RSO. Photo courtesy Tiia Fischer.

FET is known for both its funny and dramatic plays each semester, often showcasing student-written work. Its easy, open audition process and flexible scheduling make it ideal for LC students. Similarly, the Splinter Group at Lincoln Center provides an opportunity for both RH and LC non-majors to enjoy musical theater. The club relaunched last year after a 16-year hiatus.

5. Special Interest

For people who are looking for something a little different, there’s plenty of that, too. Check out the Paranormal Society at Rose Hill and the GLIMPSE Club at Lincoln Center.

According to their Facebook group, The Paranormal Society aims to “encourage and cultivate this exploration into the world beyond the conventional and to further the university’s mission of discovery of wisdom.” The club has a ton of programs, meeting for events such as Ouija Board Night and El Día de Los Muertos Party. GLIMPSE is Fordham’s only photography club, and boasts a laid-back approach to the love of taking pictures.

Be sure to check out all of these organizations at the Spring 2014 Club Fair on January 15.

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