Happy Holidays from Arthur Avenue


IMG_4555Bring a piece of Fordham home with you for the holidays!  Arthur Avenue has a great selection of Italian goodies to bring home to your family to complete your holiday meal.

Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles 632 E. 187th St.

IMG_4545If you haven’t tried Borgatti’s homemade raviolis yet, you’re missing out. Borgatti’s has been making homemade pasta for over 70 years.  Their products include raviolis, fresh pasta, dried fettucine, frozen manicotti, and other imported Italian products.  While their raviolis are popular all year round, they’re in especially high demand around the holidays. Take home a couple boxes for the perfect first course!

Casa Della Mozzarella 604 E. 187th St.

IMG_4553The place to go for all things cheesy, Casa Della Mozzarella has the best mozzarella around.  I make sure to bring home a ball every time I go home.  They also sell a variety of imported Italian cheeses as well as ingredients to make the perfect antipasto.  Make sure to stock up because if your family is anything like mine, the mozzarella is always the first thing to be devoured.

Vincent’s Meat Market 2374 Arthur Ave.

IMG_4565If you’re feeling adventurous and looking for a real, authentic Italian Christmas, check out Vincent’s Meat Market.  Vincent’s stocks up on extra baby goat and baby lamb, which is especially popular around the holidays.  If you’re looking for something a little less, well, scary – try the prime rib or sausage.  Their meat is fresh and free of pink slime.  Note: this is not vegetarian friendly.

Madonia Brothers Bakery 2348 Arthur Ave.

IMG_4575Carbs are a staple in any Italian Christmas feast and naturally that includes delicious bread.  Madonia’s is famous for their olive bread and at $6.00 a loaf, its definitely worth bringing home a loaf or two.  Mix up some olive oil and some spices for a dip and you’re all set!

Palombo’s Bakery 2400 Arthur Ave.

IMG_4534If you’re a Fordham student and haven’t been to Palombo’s yet, you’re doing it wrong.  Palombo’s not only has the most amazing cannoli in all the land, but also gives Fordham students a 20 percent discount.  If there was only one place you could stop on Arthur Ave., this is it.  Pick up a couple cannoli, some butter cookies, and an Italian cheesecake and I guarantee your family will love you (more) for it.

P.S. If you need another reason to bring some Little Italy home, check out Buzzfeed’s article on why Italians are Better at Christmas Food.

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