Let’s Hear it for the Boys: Nothing Short of Egg-citing

If you are an avid reader of the Ram Realm (and if you’re not, you should be) you may have read my previous article “Let’s Hear it for the Boys”, about my experience transitioning from living with girls to living with three young, college guys, including an egregious story of me falling prey to one of their more embarrassing pranks.

When the Cold Water War fizzled out and the pots-and-pans band broke up, my roommates took up a new hobby: egg-treme omelet flips. When they began researching on YouTube, they swiftly realized that there happened to be a large deficiency in crazy omelet flip videos. And so they decided to pioneer a revolution where they would defy gravity with some phenomenal flips, and go viral in the process.

A few days later, I found myself precariously balancing atop a chair with paper towel and all-purpose cleaner in hand, cleaning fresh egg yolk off of our ceiling. What did I expect? They’re boys throwing eggs around the house, of course it escalated to greater messes and even greater heights.

They started slow, mastering the standard form—dominant hand, one flip, done. Then they began to test the yolky waters; lefty, through the legs, double flip, eyes closed. After a few successful flips, they challenged themselves even further. Jake felt he was ready to toss his eggs behind his back.

His plan was to throw it in the air behind his back on one side and bring the pan around and catch it in the front. With all of the roommates as audience and our phones set to record, he took a deep breath and flipped. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was the audience, but for whatever reason, Jake brought the pan around to the wrong side.

“Oh, no!” He screamed, as the omelet flew though the air high above our heads. It began dropping behind him and in attempts to salvage his precious late night snack, he tried to catch it between his back and the fridge. In the end, the omelet was on the floor, the fridge, the desk, Jake, and finally, the ceiling…in two different rooms.

And so ended the omelet-flip revolution. They may not have gone viral or become insta-famous, but we made an “Egg-treme Omelet Flip” video anyway.

Two months and many-a cleaned ceilings later, I stand by my last article. I still love my boys, quirks and pranks included. And as the semester comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing about how I ended up so lucky.

When I announced that I would be living with the boys, there were mixed reactions. I remember one of my friends shaking his head and saying, “It’ll never work,” and he was far from the last to express this opinion. I disregarded these comments and held fast to my hope that this was a good decision.

My parents’ reactions can be considered a split decision. My mother has been encouraging me to live with guys since freshman year. So needless to say, she was all for it. My father, as you could imagine, was less than excited. And joining him in his unenthusiastic, protective corner were a team of my uncles, my cousins and my brother.

Other than my mom, I did have some people in my corner. Surprisingly enough, most of my girlfriends seemed to think that it could work. Bryn Evans, one of my roommates from my junior year said, “The thought of living with college boys seemed a little frightening to me because I grew up with two brothers and I know how gross and rowdy they can be…[but] if any girl was going to live with boys it would be you, because you’ll put them in their place.”

So despite all of the disbelievers, we’ve got one successful semester behind us, and I couldn’t imagine living with anyone else, egg yolk and all. Besides, what other girl at Fordham comes home and gets welcomed like this?

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