The “Super Smash” Ramblers Put On A Great Show!

It was a cold, rainy night at Fordham. The kind of cold, rainy night that really makes you not want to leave your house. Still, regardless of the terrible weather, Fordhamites turned up in droves last Friday to see The Rambler’s winter concert, dubbed the Super Smash Ramblers. Apparently Fordham really likes its A Cappella!

And what an a cappella it was. The Ramblers, Fordham’s only all-male vocal ensemble (and also Fordham’s oldest active club) put on a great show. Founded in 1893, The Rambler’s have a long tradition of impressive vocal work, and Friday night’s show, which they’ve been preparing for since the start of the semester, was no exception.

“We were rehearsing close to four hours every night this past week,” said Rambler’s President Kevin Webster (GSB ’14), “I think our efforts really paid off.”

Over the course of their ninety minute set, The Ramblers performed both new and old songs, ranging from Jay Z’s “99 Problems” to The Head and the Heart’s “Rivers and Roads.” But the group’s most popular song, judging from the hoots and hollers of the yammering crowd, was surely their cover of ‘N SYNC’s classic “Bye Bye Bye.” Punctuating The Rambler’s performance was a brief, two-song sample from The Satin Dolls, Fordham’s all-female a cappella group. “The Dolls,” as their friends and fans call them, received a warm round of applause for their rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” Additionally, The Rambler’s performance of Beyonce’s  “End of Time” showcased an impressively choreographed dance routine featuring 4 members of the Expressions Dance Alliance.

Adding to the fun was the show’s overarching theme, a play on the popular Nintendo Gamecube game Super Smash Bros Melee. The stage was covered with a colorful mix of WHAM! POW! BANG! signage, and The Rambler’s even produced an original video for the event, shown in two parts over the course of the show. Near the final portion of their set, the men returned to stage dressed in home-made costumes of characters from the game, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Last semester’s spring concert, Fifty Shades of Ramblers, also featured original costumes and a video. I asked Webster what the process was for picking a concert’s theme.

“We took a vote a few months ago,” he said. “It was down to either Le Mis-a-Ramblers and Super Smash Ramblers, and we ended up choosing the latter.”

The Ramblers closed out their concert by inviting a few of the club’s alumni to join them on stage–a tradition within the group. The Rambler’s alumni included both young and old men, all coming together to sing Fordham’s fight song, “The Ram.” Although their rendition did not reflect Father McShane’s recently modified version, nobody made a stink.

“I was really happy with the end result. We had a lot of fun and we sounded great, but we’ve still got some work to do before our competition in February,” said Webster.

The Ramblers will compete in the 2014 ICCAs (International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella) come February.

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