Cooking Made Easy with Greg’s College Kitchen

Gone are the days of Ramen noodles, meal plans, and take out thanks to Fordham student Greg Stelzer, star of Greg’s College Kitchen.  A junior in Fordham College at Rose Hill, Stelzer makes cooking videos in his on-campus kitchen in Walsh Hall.

“It was something I always wanted to do because I’ve always been into cooking since helping my parents out with dinner at home,” said Stelzer.

When making his videos, Stelzer wants his viewers to get the message that cooking is easy.

“I wanted to show that anyone can really do it and that it’s not difficult,” Stelzer said.

Stelzer learned to cook at home from his family while he was growing up.

On the set of Greg's College Kitchen. Courtesy of Emily Rochotte.

On the set of Greg’s College Kitchen. Courtesy of Emily Rochotte.

“I learned at home with my parents but I’m always learning how to do more stuff which is so cool about it because there’s just so many different things you can do” Stelzer said.

When making his cooking videos, Stelzer is faced with the constraints of a small kitchen, such as lack of counter space and limited ingredient supply.

Despite the limitations of a small kitchen, Stelzer has still been able to make a variety of foods for Greg’s College Kitchen, which is filmed by Stelzer’s roommate, Michael Sansevere (GSB ‘15).

“It’s fun just to talk to Greg” Sansevere said. “‘What do you want to make, how do you want to make it, what can we do that’s silly?’ That’s always fun.”

Sansevere enjoys the end product of Stelzer’s work and he is not the only one. With view counts on Stelzer’s Youtube videos reaching over 300, Stelzer’s message about cooking made simple is being spread.  Emily Horihan, (FCRH ‘14) made Stelzer’s recipe for salsa cream cheese scoops for a movie night with her friends.

“The stuff Greg makes seems simple and the stuff I’ve tried to replicate came out really well” said Horihan.

The popularity of Greg’s College Kitchen caused the show to be recognized by Fordham Mornings, an on-campus produced television show. Stelzer’s culinary works can now be seen in a segment on Fordham Mornings, airing Wednesdays from 10 to 11am on channel 10 at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. This will certainly increase the popularity of Stelzer’s show, which is already enjoyed by fans.

“I think that it’s a great show that makes cooking easy and simple for us college kids who are always on the move,” said Andrew Maitner (FCRH 14). “I also think that it’s really well-produced, making learning how to cook fun and entertaining.”

In addition to cooking, Stelzer says he loves travelling and wants to travel around the United States. During his three years at Fordham he has travelled to India and Mexico through the Global Outreach program. His travels have helped give him cooking inspiration.

“In Mexico it was really cool to see how much they use corn,” Stelzer said. “I think it would be really cool to try and make corn tortillas from scratch like they did everyday.”

Greg Stelzer cooks in his college kitchen. Courtesy of Emily Rochotte.

Greg Stelzer cooks in his college kitchen. Courtesy of Emily Rochotte.

Stelzer says his favorite food to make is the chicken cutlet because of its versatility and ability to add it into other dishes. He also loves making the vodka sauce that his dad taught him to make.  Stelzer said his dad still gives him cooking advice while he is home on breaks from school. Inspiration for the recipes on Greg’s College Kitchen come from his family, recipes he has made before, and the Food Network.

“The inspiration for doing an episode is showing a different aspect to how something is really easy,” Stelzer said. “Each episode is showing something that’s different, but keeping it very easy and low cost.”

Stelzer draws inspiration from the Food Network and loves the television show Chopped.  Having applied for the amateur version of Chopped once before, Stelzer said he consider applying again because he likes the aspect of creativity and coming up with ideas on the spot.

“It is something I’m passionate about but I never really thought about making a career out of it,” Stelzer said. “It’s kind of like a dream that I wouldn’t really consider real. It would be my dream job to work in a nice restaurant, but I’ve never really thought of it as a career.”

Stelzer intends on making more episodes of Greg’s College Kitchen to spread the message that cooking can be fun and easy.

“People shouldn’t be afraid to try and cook,” Stelzer said. “You always end up burning stuff once in awhile but it pays off to learn. It can be so much fun and rewarding to make your own food and share it with other people.”


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