Fordham Five: Valentine’s Dinner Options at Rose Hill

Here are some tasty V-Day options for every level of your relationship:

Option Number 2: A Pugsley's Love Pie

Option Number 2: A Pugsley’s Love Pie

5. The Caf

Nothing says “I kind of like you” like a free swipe into the Marketplace. Get there before the dinner-time rush and snag a booth if you’re feeling adventurous. Extra points if you can smuggle out a few cookies.

4. Estrellita’s

Because who can say no to guac? Seriously though, Estretilla’s super tasty Mexican would totally win my heart. A Fordham Student Discount, Sangria pitchers, and $2 tacos don’t hurt either.

3. Zero Otto Nove

Go traditional with a sit-down Italian meal. Pricier than Full Moon, but not quite a night at Enzo’s, a dinner here will impress your wallet and your date.  Don’t forget to finish the meal with some Nutella Pizza (Disclaimer: Not my fault if a food coma kills the rest of your night)!

2. Pugsley’s

Make your own love pie, or just split one! These pizzas are slightly shrunken, so you and your partner can finished an entire pie without the shame of actually finishing an entire pie. Sign up with CAB to make them for free from 6pm to 8pm on 2/12.

1. White Castle

You know your date is a keeper when you can take them to a romantic dinner of Jalapeño Sliders and Chicken Rings. And let’s be honest, you’re sort of intrigued by the idea of table service at Harold and Kumar’s favorite burger joint. Tables are filling up, so make your reservation fast!

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