Update: The Ballroom on 187th Shutdown

The Ballroom will remain mostly empty for approximately the next two months.

The Ballroom will remain mostly empty for approximately the next two months.

On Friday, Fordham officials were involved in the canceling of two small music events scheduled for Friday and Saturday at The Ballroom on 187th. Students were not pleased with the University’s interference. University administrators remain silent on the issue.

Frank Franz, who is the curator of The Ballroom, which has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity this semester, provided an update on the situation.

“Until we get the final license in about two months, we cannot have more than 75 people in The Ballroom,” Franz said. This means all scheduled shows are cancelled until at least the end of April.

This news is not necessarily superb for fans of the venue, but the minor hiccup will not deter future student endeavors.

The final license that Franz is referring to is called an assembly certificate of operation, which is necessary for venues to host  more than 75 people. Prior to Friday night, Franz was waiting on the permit, but university officials dug up the discrepancy when they were doing a background check on the venue.

The news means that The Ballroom will not host gigs or big (fun) events for the rest of the semester.  Final exams begin on May 6 and reading days have been cancelled, so students will likely not have time to organize shows;  But hey, you never know. The Ram spirit is a tough one to crush.

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