Simultaneous Registration for Spring 2014

by Danica Talon

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Registering for classes is arguably one of the most stressful days every Fordham student must experience. Last semester’s registration was very different for Fordham students. In previous years, Lincoln Center students would register for classes one week prior to Rose Hill students. However, for Fall 2013, both campuses enrolled in classes at the same time. Though registration is already a stress-filled process, a large amount of students had an even more difficult time last fall. Emily Horihan, USG Vice President of Fordham College and a student member for the Arts & Sciences Council said, “There is no perfect way to approach registration, but it is important that we have had discussions about it because the ability to take classes at both campuses is such a great part of being a student at Fordham.”

Though enrolling into classes was challenging for the students, the Information Technology help desk, who answers questions regarding computerized technology, had an equally difficult time on the days of registration.

Michael Gonzales, FCRH’17, who was working at IT customer service as a student employee on the first day of registration, said “We constantly were getting calls, saying the same thing, that people couldn’t get into portal. But we couldn’t really do anything about it.” The technical issues have been revised to satisfy future registrations. The renovations of the portal as well as the Wifi will hopefully make it easier for students to enroll into the classes they want.

Horihan said, “I sympathize with students who had difficulty with registration last semester. But we’re lucky to have faculty and administrators who are willing to work with us when these things go wrong”

According to the Ad-Hoc Committee Report written by Dean John P. Harrington, two recommendations had been made. One suggestion was that for Spring 2014, simultaneous registration continue with departments limiting home campus seats in specific courses, and only if needed, will be open to students from the other campus. The other proposal said that for Spring 2014, Lincoln Center students will register first for home campus and be allowed to register for Rose Hill courses only when opened for them by Rose Hill. The last meeting of the Arts and Sciences Council was rescheduled for March 4th, where the Ad-Hoc Committee’s recommendations were reported.

Many Rose Hill and Lincoln Center students have strong opinions on the plan to integrating the students’ registration time. According to Kenny DeJohn, FCRH’15, “we have every right to take classes at each campus.” FCLC’15 student, Paolo Perez, adds that “the integration is completely fair because it is more democratic and gives all students an equal footing.”

Although some may agree that the decision for simultaneous registration is fair, there are also students, like Jonvi Uy, FCLC’15, who liked separating the registration times between campuses. “I did like how it was before. [Fordham] Lincoln Center just has a lot less classes so I feel it makes sense for us to register first so that we can get more variety of classes than we would be able to otherwise,” Uy said. Vanessa Quimson, Rose Hill’17, said, “I’m okay with the separation because Lincoln Center has so little classes to begin with. It is more important to get the classes they need rather than what they want.”

There are many negative and positive opinions throughout the students on the situation. The increased difficulty of registering last semester had caused quite a stir. Students made multiple complaints about not being able to get into the classes that they needed. Many students say that there are not enough sections for classes they need to take.

Horihan said, “I sympathize with students who had difficulty with registration last semester. But we’re lucky to have faculty and administrators who are willing to work with us when these things go wrong”.

It has officially been decided that Lincoln Center campus will begin registration between March 31st and April 4th, before Rose Hill but only for classes at Lincoln Center. Rose Hill students will begin registering for their own home campus classes on April 7th through April 15th. On April 16th, all students will be able to register for classes across both campuses. The final decision was a joint effort by Arts and Sciences, by Gabelli Business School, by Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, by academic affairs, and IT. With this decision, everyone is hoping for a smoother registration process this semester.

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