Fordham Daily: The Newest Off-the-Record Breaking News Outlet

by Julie Tortora



Connor Ryan, former editor-in-chief of Fordham University’s newspaper ‘The Ram’, has moved on to start his own breaking news blog called ‘Fordham Daily.’

Ryan, a junior studying communication and media at Rose Hill, worked at The Ram for two and a half years- first as a news editor and then as editor-in-chief- before starting Fordham Daily on February 10th.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to overstay my welcome when my term as editor came to a close in December,” Ryan said. “I think the most gratifying part of working at The Ram was seeing the people I had trained rise up and thrive as leaders of the newspaper.”

As respectable as Ryan’s titles at The Ram were, he explains that he simply had another vision. “Ultimately, it just came down to me wanting to switch gears and walk down a different avenue,” he said.

That avenue, along with what Ryan claims as his ‘own intuition’, led him to Fordham Daily.

“I was also encouraged by a bubbling “Old Media” to start-up transition that seems to be gaining traction within the journalism landscape,” Ryan said.

Looking to industry role models solidified Ryan’s decision, too.

“I’m a huge fan of Ezra Klein and Bill Keller- two guys who are moving from The Washington Post and The New York Times, respectively, and taking gutsy risks by pursuing start-up platforms,” Ryan said. “Their courage inspires me, and I think we’ll continue to see more and more start-ups dominate the journalism field going forward.”

Like most new publications, though, Ryan admits that Fordham Daily faces challenges.

“[Running the blog] is tough because it means I’m the only person producing work for the site. There are times when I feel overwhelmed, but then I remember it’s just a blog and I do the best I can.”

Although the blog is not affiliated with Fordham in any way, it has already gained recognition on campus.

“It’s nice to find a source that provides students with basically anything they need to know about the university,” Fordham senior Amanda Cupani said. “It’s very helpful and should be promoted more.”

Ryan aims to make his content different than what’s traditionally published by the university.

“I recognized a campus need that I didn’t feel was being sufficiently met,” Ryan said. “My blog specializes in two areas: breaking news on campus and long-form investigative features.”

Conversely, most campus outlets focus on print products.

“Because Fordham Daily is only published online, I’m able to focus all of my energy on updating the blog in real-time,” he said. Moving online has also allowed Ryan to extend into social media platforms like Twitter. His account @fordhamdaily has 167 followers.

Ryan is confident that his switch to a digital platform will prove successful.

“The blog has only been live for two weeks and the analytics have been pleasantly surprising,” he said. “It consistently gets hundreds of views a day, and I’ve only heard positive feedback, which is nice.”

Although he primarily runs the blog by himself, Ryan notes that he isn’t really alone.

“I have to thank my friends for all of their support; they really helped me get this off the ground,” he said.

For more information or to check out Connor Ryan’s blog, visit

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