Fordham Five: Graduation Is Approaching

Courtesy of: Fordham University website.

Courtesy of: Fordham University website.

Graduation is forty-three days away. Yes, I said it: forty-three days.

If you’re a Fordham student who’s not graduating, consider yourself young, wild and free. Otherwise, just take a deep breath. Although most of Fordham’s senior class is likely shedding tears over the fast approaching day, it’s important that each of you take a moment to consider some logistics. Have you taken the necessary steps to ensure you’re graduating? Are you cherishing every moment left in your college career? Have you considered that you’ll probably need to start thinking about an actual career? If you’re starting to feel dizzy, that’s normal. Count to ten and keep reading because these are important tips.

1. Consult Degree Works

Make sure you have consulted both Degree Works and your advisor to solidify that you are actually graduating.  Nothing says “Congrats Grad!” quite like the final level language class you never took. Visiting your advisor’s office upwards of nine times is not frowned upon. Take the necessary steps to ensure you have been cleared, even if you applied for graduation and were accepted.

I promise your advisor won't say this. Courtesy of: giphy.

I promise your advisor won’t say this.
Courtesy of: giphy.

2. Order Your Cap and Gown

In case you missed the administration’s numerous and excessive emails regarding the ordering of caps and gowns – you should have ordered your cap and gown by now. If you did not follow the 16-step process and get your order through on time, there is hope. Extra caps and gowns will be distributed at the Graduate Salute in McGinley Center Ballroom on April 15th and 16th, free of charge.  If for some reason you can’t make it to the Graduate Salute, caps and gowns will also be available on May 16, 4 to 7p.m., May 17, 12 to 3 p.m. and May 18, 8 to 10 a.m in McGinley Center Basement/Commuter Lounge for $8. Make sure to attend one of these events and get  your order in. I can almost guarantee this is not a “No Dress Code” event.

Is what they'll say if you show up at graduation without a cap and gown. Courtesy of: giphy.

Is what they’ll say if you show up at graduation without a cap and gown.
Courtesy of: giphy.

3. Fight the urge to succumb to senioritis. 

Please keep the boo’ing to a minimum until you’ve completed reading the remaining four sentences. I understand that like most Fordham students, you’re probably incredibly over-extended. And yes, you deserve the opportunity to do nothing but stare out the window. However, do you really want to risk failing a class because you stopped going? Find a middle ground that makes us both happy: go to class, but also go to happy hour.

Courtesy of: giphy.

Courtesy of: giphy.

4. Utilize Fordham’s resources to get… wait for it… a job.

Yes, graduating college means finding a full-time job and likely moving into a too-expensive Manhattan apartment. If you haven’t started the search, consider Fordham’s Career Services Office. They offer many outlets for preparing and searching for a future employer. Fordham Futures is a program designed to train graduating students in employee etiquette. There are also multiple career fairs on campus grounds that foster the development of relationships with leading companies in various fields.

#college.  Courtesy of: giphy.

Courtesy of: giphy.

5. Enjoy your final spring weekend.

Spring weekend is right around the corner, and although this time of year is usually when all the work we’ve procrastinated piles up and you hyperventilate over graduation being in forty-three days, remember to have fun. Graduation doesn’t have to be only sad. You are closing one door and opening an even better one. At this point, it’s likely you’ve weeded out the friends you don’t like and found the best Spring Weekend spots. So instead of self-inducing heart palpitations, enjoy the final college experience with people you actually like… and pray for warm weather. 

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Aren’t we all?
Courtesy of: giphy.

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