Fordham’s Bone Marrow Drive: Be Part Of The Cure

On April 15th Fordham Athletics will be co-sponsoring a bone marrow registrant drive with friends and family of Anthony Daniels’, a current student at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma three years ago.

anthony daniels

The process to donate bone marrow is a much different process than that of donating blood. Fordham Athletics will help students complete the first step of this process, which is just a simple cotton swab of the cheek. Then, you wait. Just because someone is registered, does not mean they will ever be called to donate bone marrow. Doctors need to carefully select a patient’s donor, as they need to have very similar DNA. At the same time, the donor needs to undergo health screenings to make sure he or she is not too unhealthy. This process can take weeks. But even still, many people who are registered are never called upon as a match. Some people may not be picked until years after being on the registry, and at that time, they may decide they do not want to do it anymore, making the process more frustrating.

The odds of being a bone marrow match are approximately 1 in 500, but for others, like Anthony, finding a match can be even more difficult. According to his brother, Vincent, half of Anthony’s DNA falls in 66th most common percentile, but the other half falls under the 5,000th most uncommon percentile, making his chances to find a match smaller. The more people who register, the greater chance Anthony has of finding a bone marrow donor.

Anthony’s family and friends have been of huge support, bringing awareness to Anthony’s case in as many ways possible. “Social Media has been our biggest friend,” said Daniels. Articles written about Anthony have been posted and re-posted by family, friends, and others, bringing awareness to Anthony’s case, “we share his stories and articles online because it helps not only Anthony, but others waiting to find a match too.”

You can register to become a donor tomorrow, April 15th, in McGinley on the 2nd floor, between 9am and 2pm. Find out if you can be somebody’s cure.

Support Anthony, donate here:

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