Fordham Says No to YES


With baseball season underway, many fans of the game – some new, and some 4-year vets – are wondering the same thing. Why can’t we watch Yankees games on campus? Why doesn’t Fordham get the YES Network?

According to Deirdre Dillon, Director of Customer Relations & Student  Technology Services, the University “explored the possibility of offering the YES Network to individual subscribers, but it can only be offered with the University’s basic cable plan.” According to Dillon, the cost of adding YES is expensive, and not funded at the moment.

It costs the University a total of $29,211 to carry the YES Network annually, according to Dillon, and Lincoln Center would add to the damage.

“There are 162 games per season, and 260 pitches on average per game (130 pitches per team),” she says. “The annual cost of the YES Network for Rose Hill works out to about 70 cents per pitch, or $180 per game.”

YES also carries Brooklyn Nets games, as well as other programming.

There is hope, however, for returning students. In the Fall, Fordham will poll its undergraduate population and “re-assess current offerings.”

Unfortunately, it seems this season will be have to be viewed either in person or national TV. If there’s an overwhelming response to add YES in the Fall, however, the University may have to reconsider their channel lineup for next season.

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