Student Benefits Allow Free Printing For GSB Students

By Lynn DiOrio

Tuition is not the only financial burden for Rose Hill (FCRH) students. Though not nearly as dire and expensive, there is another nagging fee to which Fordham’s liberal arts students are subjected. FCRH students are required to pay for all of their printing needs on campus. Gabelli School of Business (GSB) students, however, receive a fixed amount of money for printing.

It may come as a surprise to all Fordham University students that GSB students receive a prepaid card for their printing needs. The amount on the preloaded card varies semester to semester, as there is no official policy in place for GSB students to receive free printing on the Rose Hill Campus because student benefits depend on the amount of donations the school receives from business alumni.


Courtesy of Lynn DiOrio.

Fordham College students do not receive any monetary credit to help them with their printing needs. There is no doubt that the average workload for a student pursuing a liberal arts degree requires several pages of printing per class each week.

“There should be somewhere that we [FCRH students] can print required papers for free or the professor should accept them via email or blackboard and if they want or need to print they should have to do that themselves,” said Anthony Gatti, FCRH ’14.

GSB students receive a compensation for printing, but many GSB students are unaware of this perk.

GSB Associate Dean Harry Kavros mentions there is no official policy in place for student printing but rather, “[a] student is a function of discretionary funds – that is, not the operational budget as dictated by the University but by [business] alumni donations.”

“It follows that the amount of the subsidy varies from year to year,” Kavros added.

Kavros discussed how a policy in GSB targets the students to help them in as many feasible ways including printing, subsidizing club events and traveling to conferences. The amount provided for these student benefits is likely to change.

According to Dean Kavros, GSB students receive a specified amount of free printing through alumni donations and not through the budget of the University.

“What the dean will not tell you is that she (Donna Rapaccioli – Dean of the Gabelli School of Business) is extremely generous when it comes to students,” Kavros said. “Whether it is printing or travel to attend conferences, she tries to fund student research and student ideas that complement their academic life.”

The hidden perk is so well-kept a secret that even a Rose Hill dean was not aware of it’s existence. Fordham College Rose Hill Dean Michael Latham acknowledged that he has not heard that GSB offers some credit toward printing costs.

“I wish we could offer this,” Latham said, “but unfortunately the cost would exceed the limits of our office budget.”

Some, Fordham College students are not too disappointed with the lack of student benefits.

Joe Vitale, FCRH ’16, is aware GSB students receive some value for printing.

“It doesn’t bother me that much,” Vitale said. “I would like to think that FCRH chose to spend funds on something for which GSB does not have to shell out so much cash.”

Tommy Infurna, GSB ’15, is aware he receives approximately $10 worth of printing each semester. He believes there should be more communication between the two schools as well as the students.

“I think that more frequent communication between the administrations of the two schools can lead to implementation of new policies that will benefit everyone,” Infurna said.

He was surprised to find out Fordham College students did not receive any free printing.

Even within the same University gates, there will always be a difference in the way FCRH and GSB administers student benefits.  There is a high demand from professors for papers and readings to be printed while taking any course at Fordham, but some professors are working with FCRH students to avoid printing charges.

“My professor, Dr. Labonte, accepts all papers via email and sends them back with edits on them via email so we never had to print,” Gatti said. “

“You could actually add that as an inspiration piece for other professors to strive towards,” he added.

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