Fordham-based Startup to Recruit Business-Savvy Rams

By Victoria Borkowski

There’s a new business starting up at Rose Hill, but don’t expect them to sell Spring Weekend tanks or Fordham apparel. These guys are offering hands-on business experience in the Belmont community.

Bronck’s Consulting is Fordham’s newest, non-profit startup aimed at helping local Belmont businesses expand. According to Nick McDonald, FCRH ’16, Head Sales Executive at the company, “This is something that’s happening all across the United States, just not here.”


Courtesy of Victoria Borkowski.

Bronck’s Consulting will operate as a non-profit consulting firm, and it will offer Belmont businesses consulting advice from Fordham business students. Services will be offered to clients for free, while student workers will earn between five and ten-percent of their particular business’ revenue growth over time, all thanks to donors and sponsors who have and may continue to invest in this student business. Fellow co-founders Chase McQuillan, FCRH ’16 and John Wasserman, FCRH ’15 declined to provide details on specifically where their donations come from.

The team did mention, however, that they have applied to become a member of the Fordham Foundry in hopes of receiving monetary aid from the organization.

The Fordham Foundry is an organization started by the Fordham business community that aims to help small businesses in the local area, specifically in providing funding towards these as well as student-run businesses.

Bronck’s Consulting’s young entrepreneurs are looking forward to working with new businesses such as hair salons, restaurants, as well as real estate companies looking to attract Fordham students successfully. Some businesses, like Healthy Fresh according to Wasserman, have already expressed an interest in working with their group following the students’ initial pitch for a potential partnership.

“They say they would definitely consider working with us if we propose something good,” says Wasserman.

While the Belmont community is largely known for its cultural diversity and successful restaurants, founders McQuillan, Wasserman and McDonald argue that there are plenty of new businesses that could improve by expanding their reach specifically towards Fordham students.

“We are Fordham students and know how to market to ourselves,” says John Wasserman.

The founders admit to the pressure of remaining focused on the company while keeping up with classwork and other responsibilities as a challenge as the business begins to hire its first “expert amateur consultants.”

According to the company’s Facebook page, they are, “primarily looking for Fordham students majoring in finance, accounting, economics, marketing and information technology,” but are, “accepting applicants with all backgrounds, majors and concentrations from the Fordham campuses.”

All three founders of Bronck’s Consulting stressed in a one-on-one interview that this experience will be unlike any other on campus, and that they are seeking the best and brightest who would be willing to “stay up all night” to make it a success.

They’re also seeking the strongest students academically, which is one of the reasons why McQuillan, Wasserman and McDonald hope to connect to more business professors that would help in recruiting top students.

In fact, according to McQuillan, Professor Christine Janssen-Selvadurai, the director of the entrepreneurship program at Gabelli is one the professors who has served as an advisor to the students, which would possibly aid in furthering Fordham’s connection with the Belmont community.

So far, Bronck’s Consulting has received over 160 likes via Facebook, as well as, according to the Bronck’s team, several inquiries from students, who have begun to share their resumes and LinkedIn profiles with the founders. Victor Masotti, GSB ’15 is one student who shared the new startup’s page on his own Facebook for his friends to see.

“I personally think that the business has great potential,” Masotti said in an email.

Yet some students like Masotti may be hesitant about joining the young company.    “I wish them the best of luck but it’s been two months now and all I’ve seen is a Facebook page,” he said. “I hope they’re working on a business plan now and hopefully that helps them move forward.”

As for the story behind choosing their company’s name, McQuillan said that the students wished to pay tribute to Jonas Bronck, an influential Dutch settler in the New Netherland colony whom the Bronx borough was named after thirty-three years following the establishment of Fordham University.

The Bronck’s team has since launched its official website that will allow for Fordham students, local businesses, and potential sponsors to communicate.

Wasserman has since expressed hopes that the work the team has since put into their business endeavor will pay off for the Belmont community. According to him, the students’ main goal behind this business was to, “start something that we can leave behind at Fordham rather than just take from it.”

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