Fordham Five: FCRH Undergraduate Research

By Emily Horihan


Courtesy of FRCH Undergraduate Research Homepage

Fordham College at Rose Hill’s seventh annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on Wednesday, April 9th. The event provided students with the opportunity to present original work in a number of disciplines. This event, along with FCRH’s undergraduate research opportunities, have been growing rapidly in the past few years.

“We had over 320 student participants … and saw and increased participation in several fields of the humanities and social sciences,” said Assistant Dean Erin Burke, who serves as Director of Undergraduate Research.

With undergraduate research becoming more prominent in the academic culture of FCRH, here are five things you should know about research opportunities at Fordham.

1. Research Grants

FCRH offers several types of grants for students interested in conducting research. Financial support, on-campus summer housing, and funding for travel are some of the main forms of support that the programs offers.

2. Faculty Mentors

If you are thinking of pursuing a research grant or project, you will need to find a faculty mentor to support your project. “[Undergraduate research] allows students to develop deeper relationships with faculty and peers,” said Burke. The opportunity to work with professors or jointly on a project with other students allows for a collaborative environment outside of the classroom.

3. The Undergraduate Research Symposium

Every Spring, FCRH hosts the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Students who have received grants throughout the year are required to present their work. The Symposium encourages all FCRH students to submit their work. There are oral presentations, poster presentations, displayed artwork, and complementary drinks and snacks throughout the event. This year, for the first time, employers were invited to attend the event as well; creating excellent networking opportunities for FCRH students.


The Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal is a student-run journal featuring the original work of students in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. This year, FURJ published its fourth issue. Students have the opportunity to publish their research in FURJ or get involved with the production of the journal.

5. Why Research?

“[Undergraduate research] is a tremendously important opportunity for students as it allows them to take ownership for their learning by contributing knowledge to their disciplines,” said Burke. Conducting research in your undergraduate years can not only expand your learning opportunities, but also impress a graduate school or future employer. Representatives from Fordham’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and several employers attended this year’s symposium.

“[Undergraduate research] prompts students to realize – and transcend – the limitations of their knowledge,” said Burke. Students are strongly encouraged to explore all FCRH’s undergraduate research program has to offer.

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