Campus Life

Fordham University: 7th Worst Party School?

If you haven’t heard by now, Fordham University recently made headlines when it was ranked #7 on a list of  “The Worst Party Schools in the U.S.” author Phoenix Phillips writes, “The University bans contraception and requires anyone who wants to have a party to register their event a week ahead of time. Talk about a buzz kill.” While it’s highly unlikely Phillips has partied at all 6,742 colleges in the U.S. (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics), Fordham students still felt disrespected by the poor ranking. One reader, Tom, commented, “The party culture at FU is totally different than one might be lead to believe by reading a policy manual.”

Fordham is a private institution that prides itself in adopting and upholding Jesuit values. Since Christianity teaches abstinence, Fordham does not provide students with contraception (it isn’t “banned”) and enforces a strict alcohol policy. However, students living off campus do not have to follow these rules and many of these students are the ones who throw the parties. On any given weekend, you can find an off-campus party on Belmont Ave, Bathgate Ave, Hoffman Ave, or sometimes all three. If house parties aren’t your scene, many students also go to TriBar (a concentration of bars at the intersection of 189th and Arthur Ave) on the weekends. If you’re of age, there’s usually no cover charge. And on special nights, the bars hold “drink-ups” where you pay a fee for unlimited drinks.

In addition, people tend to forget that Fordham is located right outside of Manhattan. Students living at the Lincoln Center campus are in the heart of New York City, where the nightlife is never ending. And for Rose Hill students, Manhattan is only a short train ride away. Since I started at Fordham, I’ve attended several concerts and have been able to go to many parties in the city because of Fordham’s location. My friends from back home love coming to visit me because they love having the option of exploring New York. Without a doubt, New York City really is an extension of Fordham’s campus. Our school even boasts the motto, “New York is my Campus, Fordham is my School.”

While our school may lack fraternities and have strict rules, in my opinion, Fordham University is still a great party school. I’ve enjoyed all three of my years here thus far, and would highly recommend anyone to come experience the nightlife here.