First Person

Fordham First Person: Working at WFUV

I have to begin by saying I had barely heard of WFUV before I came to Fordham.

As I made my farewell tour through town the summer before freshman year (you know how it goes – maybe the title over-glorifies it), some of the adults I saw recognized Fordham just because they listen to WFUV music. I’d been interested in sports writing or broadcasting for some time, and figured since I didn’t feel like freezing up in Syracuse, NY I’d just try and make a career at any old school. I knew I wanted to go to a Jesuit school, so I applied to a handful. I’m still to this day not sure why I chose Fordham. I’m glad I did.

It hit me right in the face during a club fair that first week; I saw the banner and recognized the name. From there, everything changed.

I’ve been able to work in the sports department for three years now. WFUV’s sports department is made up of students and one legendary Executive Producer, Mr. Bob Ahrens – a true professional. The news department is the same, while smaller, made up of entirely students with a few professionals in charge. The other departments students can join at WFUV are music, the front desk, promotions, and more.

WFUV is why I do cool things

I wrote this piece because people are constantly asking me how I get the chance to go cover the Knicks and Yankees games, why I’m randomly appearing in the background of stand-up shots on ESPN, and how I got into play-by-play for Fordham Sports. WFUV is why.

It’s all about how much time you put in; how much you put in is how much you get out. I’ve rarely said no to any task. One of my first assignments on the staff was to cover the New York Liberty of the WNBA. I stayed up until 2 or 3 am posting articles online that night. Through many, many hours in the station, I’ve gotten the fun jobs I have now. The station is to thank.

It’s a family

I sometimes walk into the newsroom at WFUV just to do homework and catch up with fellow workers. It’s a wonderful place to meet people; almost like a fraternity of people who report and broadcast. It’s fun in that way, plus your family is extended into a phenomenal alumni base that I can’t even begin to list. If you’re looking for somewhere to make friends, and also make money, WFUV is good place for you.

This isn’t an advertisement, though.

It’s just why I love where I work. This job is going to help me land the job I want out of school, and the reputation it has is so great. Even to get involved in engineering, where you can help set up and record live performances by visiting bands, or working the drives or in the fishbowl across the hallway, is worth your time. I’m a bit biased, of course, but I think it’s the best job on campus. If you’re like me, and >70% of your time and thoughts are devoted to sports, this place is for you.

If you’re a freshman, get involved. If you’re a sophomore, get involved. Even if you’re a junior, you can still get involved next year. If you’re interested in communications, it’s the right place to be.

Photo Courtesy of Kenny Ducey