Our Contributors

Dayne Carter

Dayne Carter is a 19-year old native of Hillsborough, NJ. He is a junior at Fordham University majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in New Media. This past summer, Dayne worked on social media as an intern at Finn Partners Public Relations. At Fordham, he is a member of the ASILI group, which is the African American student alliance on campus.

As a student at Immaculata High School, Dayne worked as a journalist covering the Jack and Jill program, a community service group connecting mothers and their children. Dayne also played basketball and soccer at Immaculata, and participated in the Lead America program for future communication students. He is an avid Miami Heat and Duke Blue Devils fan, and enjoys rapping in his free time. One day, Dayne hopes to permanently live in New York City and work in sports journalism or marketing.

Kenny DeJohn

Kenny DeJohn hails from the south–and far superior–shore of Long Island. He is a Breaking News Team Contributor for Bleacher Report.  Kenny is a member of the WFUV sports reporting team on campus and enjoys having his sports opinions heard. A junior at Fordham University in the Bronx, Kenny is a Communications major with a Journalism concentration and is working towards a Creative Writing minor. When he grows up, Kenny wants to be a sports writer by day—and Spiderman by night. Follow Kenny on Twitter @kennydejohn.

Tess Falotico

Tess Falotico is a senior at Fordham College Rose Hill. She is a French major with a Communications minor and aspirations in Journalism. She works at a travel website called Fathom, where she writes and edits copy. Originally from Connecticut, this Bronx-dweller now lives off campus near Pugsley’s pizza, a Fordham staple. She loves to cook, write about food, and shop at vintage boutiques. There are over 100 places she would like to visit, such as Morocco and Bali. She plans on writing about adventures on and around campus as well as her involvement in planning Fordham’s Relay for Life.

Jake Kring-Schreifels

Jake Kring-Schreifels is the quintessential Renaissance man. The Philadelphia native is a sports reporter at WFUV Radio, a standout for the Fordham intramural baseball team and the president of the Fordham Band. However, the Kring is most passionate about the entertainment world as he reviews movies on IndieNYC.com and his own personal blog Peanuts and Popcorn. While JKS’s bloodlines run deep through the City of Brotherly Love, Jake lived in Seattle for seven years during his formative years. Kring Schreifels aspires to be a film/sports editorialist for the New York Times, even though this position doesn’t actually exist. Jake is a Communications major with a concentration in journalism and film studies.

Francesca Leite

Francesca Leite was born and raised in Nutley, New Jersey — not far from where famed homemaker Martha Stewart sprung her career. After graduating from the local high school, Leite decided to enroll at Fordham University because of its religious traditions and convenient proximity to New York City. Her moment of journalistic epiphany came during an on-campus event with editors from Seventeen magazine during her freshman year at Fordham. It was decided: she would pursue public relations within the fashion industry. Now, a junior, Leite works as a copyeditor for The Fordham Ram. She also interns at Revlon, a well-known cosmetics company.

Kayla Lombardo

Kayla Lombardo is a junior at Fordham University from Morris County, NJ.  Kayla is a communications major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in marketing.  An avid softball player, she currently plays 3rd baseman on the Fordham Rams softball team which recently won the 2013 A-10 Championship.  As a student at Pequannock Township High School, Kayla worked for Jersey Sports Now as a sideline reporter for Northern New Jersey’s football and basketball teams. Since attending Fordham, Kayla has been very active in pursuing her desired field.  She was a contributing writer for Knicks Now.  She also interned at SNY, working on the production team for Jets Nation and was a contributing writer to SNY’s sports blogs.  Kayla’s ultimate goal is to work as a beat reporter for her favorite team, the New York Yankees.

Gibson Merrick

Gibson Merrick, the son of a NYC punk and a Long Island Stevie Nicks fan, was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. Currently studying Communications and Spanish at Fordham University in the Bronx, Gibson aspires to learn four languages by the time he is 78. Beyond academics, he also acts as Co Editor-in-Chief of Fordham’s alternative student newspaper, the paper, where he’s written pieces about bee maladies, cannibalism, government surveillance, and trash. He also likes writing about the news. Gibson has worked as a social media intern at Mammoth Advertising and currently interns at the infamous Troma Entertainment Inc, where he sometimes cleans the bathrooms.

Taylor McDonnell

Taylor McDonnell is a senior at Fordham University. She hails from Commack, Long Island and is the youngest of three. She is a Communications and Media Studies major with a concentration in Journalism, and a Creative Writing minor. She dreams of being a writer, but her real dream is to someday be an author. Taylor has four intramural championships under her belt, winning three soccer championships and one basketball championship. She lived in Milan for the spring semester of her junior year in 2013. Nowadays, Taylor splits her time working for both the Women’s basketball team at Fordham University and Mike’s Deli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and currently she interns with Fordham University’s Special Events and Development. Taylor absolutely loves to read and  bake (just not at the same time) and claims her cookies are “out of this world.”

Racquel Plaener

Racquel Plaener is a senior at Fordham College at Rose Hill, studying Communications with a concentration in new media and a minor in Marketing. Racquel is originally from Long Island, and currently lives on the Rose Hill campus in the nice new apartment buildings. She loves nail polish, fluffy animals, and ice cream, but she’s a daredevil at heart. She loves horror films and roller coasters, and dreams of bungee jumping and skydiving in the near future. She has a passion for the Marketing and advertising industries and is currently an Ad Sales Marketing Intern at Scripps Networks Interactive, where she works for popular lifestyle brands such as Food Network and HGTV. This girly girl hopes to write about fashion and beauty trends spotted around campus.

Connor Ryan

Connor Ryan aspires to be a reporter for The New York Times.  He is from Connecticut, but his heart is in the Bronx.  Connor has two younger sisters, Taylor and Casey, and his best friend is his golden retriever, Rocky.  Connor attended high school at Fairfield Prep in Connecticut where he developed a passion for journalism.  While at Fordham, Connor writes and reports for USA Today College and WFUV.  Connor also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Fordham Ram.  This past summer he interned in the newsroom at Newsday.  Connor’s style is classic and crisp and he never has a hair out of place.  Connor enjoys Spanish conversation, interpretive dance, and belting out GaGa (#LittleMonsters).  Never seen without a cup of coffee, Connor is an avid caffeine addict and runs on little sleep. Follow Connor on Twitter @connortryan.

Lauren Sheffield

Lauren Sheffield is a junior at Fordham University majoring in English with a minor in communications. She has southwestern roots (coming from Phoenix, AZ) and loves the breath of fresh concrete that NYC provides. Lauren is an intern at Allure Magazine, and hopes to someday work in publishing. She loves everything pertaining to fashion, beauty and music. Some of her favorite hobbies include reading novels, cooking (or attempting to) and running through the Botanical Gardens. She loves strong coffee, the rain, and thinks hummus is the perfect addition to anything.

DJ Sixsmith 

DJ Sixsmith is a junior at Fordham University, but he’s much more. He currently resides in Westport, Connecticut, and has become a nationally recognized broadcast journalist, studying Communications and working in the sports department at WFUV radio in the Bronx. Combined with his resume from Staples High School, Sixsmith has called sports ranging from Volleyball to Football, earning numerous awards and achievements along the way. His writing has appeared on sites such as NFL.com and he has his own website where he hosts a weekly podcast on the sports business world. In a perfect world, DJ will be living just north of where he is today in Bristol, CT, working for ESPN. He will also be living in a Gluten-free world. Follow DJ on Twitter @DJ_Sixsmith.

Julie Tortora

Julie Tortora is a senior at Fordham University concentrating in Journalism. She loves living close to NYC and being a train ride away from some of the world’s best shopping. Julie is an active member of her school’s Fashion for Philanthropy club and a contributing writer for HerCampus Fordham. Aside from writing, some of her favorite things include reading mystery books, keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, watching The Office and Mad Men, playing with dogs, and sampling any food that has chocolate as its main ingredient.

John Leo Walsh IV

John Leo Walsh IV was born and raised in Clarks Green, outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. After graduating from his small, rural High School he packed his bags and left for the big city. He hit about ten miles north instead, and found himself in the Bronx, at Fordham University where he currently studies Communications. At six-foot-four, John, or more commonly known as “Leo”, never felt like he fit in. From Clarks Green to the Bronx he was always the tallest of the crowd. Leo’s true “Cinderella” moment came as he was mopping the floors of Rose Hill Gym, and found himself being discovered. His height, paired with his decent athletic ability, landed him a spot on the Fordham Men’s Basketball team. His great respect for sportsmanship and team spirit makes him an integral part of the Men’s Basketball program. Off the court, Leo studies Journalism with hopes of one day becoming a teacher or playing in the NBA. He also enjoys Bruce Springsteen and making pancakes.Follow Leo on Twitter @leonsanders21.

Elizabeth “Daley” Quinn

Daley Quinn is a senior at Fordham University. Already suffering from senioritis, Daley plans to graduate with a Communications and Media Studies degree, concentrating in Journalism and minoring in Women’s Studies (yes, you read that correctly). Daley tells people she’s from Texas, but she was born in Connecticut and also lived in Ireland, so she really has no idea where she’s from. Daley has been an Editorial Intern for both The Frisky and Lovelyish and is currently Seventeen Magazine’s News Editorial Intern. Don’t ask Daley about her incredible study abroad experience last semester in Cape Town because she’ll start tearing up about it. She had a fantastic five months in South Africa but never wants to relive jumping into Victoria Falls ever again. EVER. AGAIN. Daley hopes to make it as a journalist and is obsessed with Vanessa Carlton and Gloria Steinem. She also enjoys singing (without an audience), doing her clients’ (roommates’) makeup, and trying way too hard to make people laugh.