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Devin Booth

Features Editor 


Devin Booth is living a tale of two cities.  A Chicago girl at heart, she moved to New York City to study Communications and Media.  She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do after graduating this May, but she’s trying to work in the costume industry, whether for the biggest hit on Broadway or on the Silver Screen.  Through Dr. Beth Knobel’s Journalism Workshop, Devin has worked as a contributing writer for The Ram.  Last semester she interned at HealthyOut.com where she exercised her food obsession. She’s obsessed with finding the best restaurants, going to concerts, and reading about celebrities.  Devin has plans to eventually return home to the Windy City.  But, for now, even her fear of rats can’t chase her away from the Big Apple.



Sara DeSimine

Multimedia Editor

bio Sara DeSimine is a senior at Rose Hill with a Communications and Media Studies major and a History minor. She is originally from Princeton, NJ but currently resides in the Bronx. Her childhood career ambition was to become a competitive eater, but after a failed attempt she chose to stick to journalism and is currently interning at the POV documentary films department for PBS. Sara hopes to work in the culinary or film industry after graduation. In her spare time Sara also enjoys running (mainly to work off the food she eats), going to the movies, and traveling. Follow Sara on twitter @sarasande



Kenny Ducey

Social Media Editor


Kenny Ducey is a Junior Communications and Media Studies major from Ridgefield, CT. As a high schooler at the Wooster School, Kenny founded the Dance Club and, indicating his future successful endeavors in sports writing, was the starting shortstop for his varsity baseball team, and the fifth-string goalie on his varsity soccer team. A fan of the big three sports, Kenny is a New York pureblood – he roots for the Jets, Knicks and Yankees. But his love for sports doesn’t stop at fandom. Kenny covers the Knicks for WFUV  Sports and writes a weekly sports column for The Fordham Ram. This means that unlike most young fans, Kenny has the privilege to watch his Knicks in person rather than on television.An admitted former snapback enthusiast, Kenny is currently protesting Fordham’s cafeteria food, but he still goes there a lot. Find him on Facebook getting into arguments about anything and everything sports related. Follow him on Twitter @KennyDucey.



Katherine “Katie” Guevarra

Social Media Editor

Katie GuevarraKatherine Guevarra, who goes by Katie, is a currently a Senior at Fordham University. Originally from Brooklyn, she now resides in Westchester County. Katie is a self-described “Pageant Girl”, and is the reigning International Junior Miss New York. She aspires to work in fashion and entertainment public relations after graduation, and currently interns with the dress designer Jovani Fashions. If that doesn’t work out, her pageant talent is playing piano. She also enjoys embellishing her clothing with rhinestones.





Coryna Perez

Features Editor 

225506_4853516900946_1259782652_nHailing from New City, New York, Coryna has found herself as a second semester senior at Fordam University. She is twenty-one years of age, a commuter, and a Communications Major with a concentration in journalism.This is Coryna’s second semester interning for VH1’s production management department, where she discovered her love for morning television  (despite the 4:45 am call times). She hopes to land a job in TV production after college and make a permanent move to New York City. Coryna first gained experience in TV interning at Engel Entertainment, a production company in NYC. She also has extensive freelance experience writing for marketing and software development. In her downtime, Coryna can be found daydreaming about Los Angeles, babysitting her two favorite red-headed children, waiting for Chris Hemsworth to realize he’s in love with her, and hunting down NY’s finest grub. #TwitterlessCoryna



Laura Macchiarola

Opinions/Freelance Editor

Macchiarola_Online Journalism profile picLaura Macchiarola is the Jersey girl-next-door who has always dreamed about living in the Big Apple. Her passion is storytelling, and she hopes to do it for a living as a writer, once she graduates from Fordham this semester. Laura has previously worked as a news reporter and anchor for WFUV Radio. She also recently fell in love with blogging after taking Professor Nicholas Leshi’s Writing for Online Media course. She continues to maintain her entertainment blog, animate this, to this day.

Currently, Laura is an editorial and content management intern at Nickelodeon. When she is not writing, Laura can be found singing in the Fordham University Choir, seeking out NYC’s best cheeseburgers, binge-watching Downton Abbey, or daydreaming about puppies. She could use some real hobbies. You can tweet her suggestions @LegendofLaura.




News and Sports Editor


Chris Marasco is a senior at Fordham University. He resides in New Fairfield, Connecticut, but grew up five minutes from Fordham University living in Bronxville, NY, for most of his life. A wannabe basketball player during his high school years, he found interest in sports media after his basketball skills started to fade away. Currently a WFUV sports reporter, and an announcer for the Fordham basketball games, Chris suffers a from a bit of an identity crisis. Although currently residing in Connecticut, and after having lived in New York for most of his life, Chris is a die hard fan of every Texas sports team.  He dreams of one day doing play by play for the Texas Rangers on TV or radio. When Chris isn’t involved with sports, you can find him on the couch watching The Lord of the Rings series. Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisMarasco12.




Lauren MacDonald

Multimedia Editor


Believe it or not, there’s more to Lauren MacDonald than a huge smile and a sensational personality. In fact, Lauren is a junior at Fordham College Rose Hill. She is an English major with a minor in Communication. Last semester, she free-lanced for The Fordham Ram, where she discovered a passion for writing and a concentration in Journalism. Lauren represented Fordham University last semester at the New York State Communication Association Conference, where she debated the ins-and-outs of modern day journalism, and where the field of Communication is headed. Although Lauren originally hails from Hohokus, New Jersey, she considers herself a diehard New Yorker – and rightfully so. She currently resides in Riverdale, New York with her pet leopard gecko and a ton of books. You can find Lauren working part-time in the Client Services department at Sotheby’s NYC Headquarters this Fall, where she hopes to work full-time after graduating next spring! Follow Lauren’s adventures on Instagram @laurmac_d



Taylor McDonnell

Managing Editor

ram realmTaylor McDonnell is a senior at Fordham University. She is a Communications and Media Studies major with a concentration in Journalism, and a Creative Writing minor. She dreams of being a writer, but her real dream is to someday be an author. Taylor has four intramural championships under her belt, winning three soccer championships and one basketball championship. She lived in Milan for the spring semester of her junior year. Nowadays, Taylor splits her time working for both the Women’s basketball team at Fordham University and Mike’s Deli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and currently she interns with Fordham University’s Special Events and Development. Taylor absolutely loves to read and bake (just not at the same time) and claims her cookies are “out of this world.” Follow Taylor on Twitter @taylor_mc1.



Emily Pandise

Managing Editor

ekpphotoGrowing up a stone’s throw away from New York City, Emily Pandise keeps her roots in Northern New Jersey. A senior at Fordham University approaching graduation, she is double-majoring in American Studies and Communications. Emily aspires to be a television producer and is off to a great start. If you see her, congratulate her on her acceptance into the NBC Page Program. Luckily for the Fordham community, having post-grad plans has not caused Emily to slow down on campus. She has recently finished her thesis on high school TV dramas and their subconscious impact on adolescents.  Emily thrives on being busy, from producing Fordham Mornings, to working at WFUV to wrapping up her term as president of The Mimes and Mummers she is always on the go because, as she says, “free time is a synonym for boredom.” With all she does it’s no wonder she’s such a big fan of Bourbon—you would be too if you had such a busy schedule. Follow Emily on Twitter @emilypandise.



Emily Rochotte

Managing Editor

Rochotte author photo

Emily Rochotte hails from Budd Lake, home of the largest natural lake in the great state of New Jersey. This Jersey gal somehow wandered into a Journo class despite being a marketing major, but she’s glad to be here! When she’s not working in the library, Emily serves as the VP of Student Life for USG, and is always involved at Fordham, whether as an orientation coordinator or at the special events office. The Ram will without fail spell her name wrong, but at least she’s an only child and the Rochette name will be sleeping with the fishes once she’s married. One day, Emily will grow up to be a wedding planner. Emily hates the sound of cotton balls but loves fried mac and cheese. Follow her at pinterest.com/emilyrochotte and @EmilybeingEmily



Joe Russo

Opinions and Freelance

unnamed Joe Russo is a Bronx man true and through. As a junior at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, Joe has gotten very familiar with each building that lies within the Fordham walls. As if 4 years as an undergrad would not be enough, Russo spent all of his High School years as a student at Fordham Prep. As an intern at Mood Swing 360,-a music booking agency in NYC- he has gained valuable experience in the industry. An avid Katherine McPhee fan, Joe somehow made his way into the back of her television show. Most likely the biggest supporter of Dunkin Donuts in the country, Russo considers being spokesperson for the company as his “dream job.” He is one of the lucky 56,000 people that Dunkin follows on twitter. From Throgs Neck to Fordham Prep to Fordham U, living in New York City or bungee jumping in Australia are two of the possible post grad destinations for Joe Russo. Follow him on Twitter: @ADailyCupOfJoe.



Devon Sheridan

News and Sports Editor

RamRealm Pic

Hailing from Scranton, Pa (where the office is not actually filmed), Devon Sheridan, a 2010 Mock Trial State Champion, likes a wide variety of sports clubs (the Panthers, Mariners, and Knicks). He was a standout soccer player at Scranton Prep HS, where he logged a taxing 20 minutes and once netted a 50-yard goal against the finest Junior Varsity competition you’ve ever seen. Devon presently serves as a columnist for The Fordham Ram, having served as the Arts & Entertainment editor in the past. He’s learning how to cook bacon, while also focusing his time on formulating an opinion on cardigans as he strums his bass guitar. Basketball’s also a big part of his life, and he’s a notoriously slow dish-washer due to his addiction to sports talk radio. To him, the best player of all time might be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Or maybe Bill Russell. But probably Hakeem Olajuwon. He’s the only redheaded, blue-eyed, lefty out there worth knowing. Follow him on Twitter @AvengeDevonfold.

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